Our founding story

Intellect was founded on the observation that millions of people worldwide go through different forms of everyday struggles, big and small, at home and at work – but most without accessible, effective routes to get the mental wellbeing support they need.

Along with our co-founder’s personal journey in mental health, we started Intellect with a mission to change how mental health is delivered to workplaces and individuals.

For workplaces

Struggling to find utility from your poorly-utilized employee assistance program (EAP)? By marrying technology with a human touch in an end-to-end solution, onboard a mental health benefit that your employees will actually use.

For individuals

Looking for help with personal and professional challenges? Intellect’s self-care platform, 1-on-1 coaching, and therapy sessions enable our clients to scale obstacles and lead their best life.

Backed by the world’s top investors

Industry-leading research validation

10+ efficacy studies developed by our team of leading psychologists and
researchers in partnership with leading institutions

Better mental health benefits, better outcomes.

End-to-end mental health care anytime, anywhere.

self-care app

Personalized, clinically-validated programs that rewire habits for lasting behavioral change.

Certified behavioral
coaches and therapists

Everything a traditional EAP does and more: 24/7 support from proactive to clinical needs.

rollout & engagement

Dedicated support for HR teams across onboarding, employee comms, and analytics.

Serving 22 countries in 20 languages

Our providers deliver culturally-centered care across regions.



Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing Intellect

What is Intellect?
Intellect is an employer-sponsored benefit that connects employees [and their dependents] to personalised end-to-end care. We marry technology with a human touch to help you thrive in your everyday life, build resilience, and inch a step closer to your personal goals.

What services are included in Intellect?

We created an easy and effective mental health journey experience for everyone and anyone. With Intellect, you can access all these features in just one platform:

• Self-care app & skill-building programs

• 1-to-1 coaching sessions with certified coaches & counsellors

How can I reach out to Intellect?

You can email Adrián Villalba, Head of Business Development, LATAM, at adrian@intellect.co.

Alternatively, you can write to us through the Intellect app, under “Report a problem” under Settings in your Profile tab.

Dependents Access

How can my dependents access Intellect's services?

You can invite your dependents to have full premium access to Intellect directly through your account.

Go to the Profile tab > Settings > Add Dependents. They will then receive an email with a registration link to create a personal account and enjoy the premium services.

Who is an eligible dependent?

An eligible dependent is a permanent household family member of an eligible employee, and must permanently reside at the same address as the employee.

A dependent is considered a minor if he/she is a child from the ages of 12 and 18-21 years old (depending on the legal age in each region).

What if my dependent is a minor?

You will be kept updated for activities regarding your child. You are required to join the first coaching or clinical session your child has with Intellect. The intention is for the provider to get to know you in case risk is identified and the provider needs to get in touch with you. You may be required to attend subsequent sessions if requested by provider.  

Behavioral Health Coaching

What is coaching?

Here at Intellect, we believe that coaching is for anyone and everyone. Coaching can help you learn to manage both professional and personal challenges. Our diverse network of coaches are highly qualified professionals, consisting of certified coaches, counsellors, and psychologists.

What can I use coaching for?

Whether you are looking to better manage stress or emotions, upgrade your career or simply get support from someone as you navigate life, a personalized coaching experience can bring you one step closer to achieving your goals and improving your wellbeing.

Here are some areas you can use coaching for:
✔︎ Health & lifestyle areas
✔︎ Setting boundaries
✔︎ Work or personal stress
✔︎ Productivity & time management
✔︎ Relationships & conflicts
✔︎ Leadership coaching

Are there coaches who speak my local language?

Yes! We have local Behavioral Health Coaches in over 20+ regions across APAC. This means you can choose a coach from your region who speaks the native language and understands your cultural background.

Can I change coaches?

Most definitely! We believe that it’s important to work with a coach that is best suited for you. If you feel that the coach is not the right fit, you can choose a different coach immediately through the app.

1. Go to the Messaging section

2. Click the 3 dots at the top right

3. Choose the option to change coaches

Privacy and Confidentiality

How does Intellect approach data privacy?

Data privacy and security are our utmost priority. As such, we employ rigorous measures that meet the privacy regulatories (e.g. PDPA, HIPAA, GDPR) to ensure that all user data is protected, kept confidential, and never misused.

Our Zero-Knowledge Encryption policy keeps users’ data completely private. No one but you can access the self-care app content – not us, nor your employer.

All interactions with our providers are strictly confidential. That means your employer will not know who is using these services.

What data can my employer see?

Your employer has no access to your personal data, or any data that is personally identifiable to you.

The organization only receives high-level aggregated utilization statistics that are always anonymous and never personally identifiable to any individual.  

Reach out for any questions or book a demo.

Join 3 million users of Intellect in their mental wellbeing journey.

For inquiries, contact:

Adrián Villalba


Head of Business Development, LATAM

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